You will on average spend 90,000 hours at work in your lifetime. Make them count. 

During our many years working in organisations around the world, we have experienced what it’s like to sometimes feel motivated, sometimes feel unmotivated, bored. too busy, and too often really stressed.

We feel passionate about ensuring that people and teams are at their best at work. working to equip them with the right skills, give them the tools to feel confident, and facilitate effective team work. 

Over the years, we have developed some tools which we have applied to ourselves and which have had a tremendous impact on us personally and at work.

With our background in business, participating in a wide range of good and not so good training, we are very well placed to understand your challenges and provide solutions that are tailored, practical and inspiring.


Based on your needs and objectives, we will work with you to design a bespoke team workshop or programme, facilitate your away-days and speak at your events to inspire and invite your teams to Expand.

We can help you with  

  • Increasing the effectiveness of your team, using a range of leadership models and psychometric tools - we are certified in MBTI 1&2, DISC AEC, Process Com.

  • Developing your Leadership & Management

  • Resilience, emotional intelligence and well-being in the workplace - we are certified in EQ-i and Mindfulness

  • Developing your Talent

  • One-to-one & group coaching, as well as mentoring

  • Helping your teams thrive in periods of change & transition


“Insightful, adaptable and personable are the words that comes to mind when I think about Gaelle and her team. I was impressed with their ability to build real partnership by really listening to our needs as a team, tailoring their approach and being proactive to provide and help us find practical solutions. And, of course, their ability to ask incisive questions and challenge in an appropriate way. Expand Human Development is an excellent team of L&D consultants and facilitators, and comes with my heartfelt recommendation” 

— Sarah Pickersgill, Head of fundraising products, Cancer Research UK

“The sessions run by Expand Human Development are relevant, engaging and brilliant for building a positive team culture. My team gained a thorough understanding of what resilience is and, through working out their personal resilience profiles, came away with loads of practical tips to help them individually build on their own resilience capability. Personally, I felt better equipped to deal with pressure straight away – so I’d recommend the sessions to anyone ” 

— Laura Bell, Senior Communication & Marketing Manager, Cancer Research UK