Mindfulness is a mind-training technique that enables you to be more focused, more effective and more creative. It also allows you to reduce stress-inducing mind wandering, enabling you to feel better and happier. 

The Expand approach is a unique mindfulness method which aims to make mindfulness accessible to ALL. It follows three steps 

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We deliver our approach through 

  • Talks: to inspire you to take action

  • One-to-one mindfulness consultations

  • Workshops: 2h to full day, covering various applications of mindfulness

  • Our 7-week Expand mindfulness course: to help you improve your quality of life in and outside of work, and experience more emotional positivity. It covers all 3 steps of the model, with meditation practices, input, pair and group discussions, tools to apply in daily life, handout and recordings of meditations to practice at home, for sustained results.


“ Expand mindfulness session at BITC was really engaging, inspiring and practical. Delivered to an audience of 40 at all levels, the session’s objectives and outcomes were very clear, proven and tested. The feedback from it was extremely positive from all participants, who felt the benefits of mindfulness straight away - attention, focus and clarity. Gaëlle and her team are extremely knowledgeable, approachable and professional.  Chloé Chambraud, Gender Policy Research Manager, Business In The Community

I have deeply enjoyed the 7-week mindfulness at work programme. The sessions were interactive and well-paced, and all had clear learning objectives. Gaëlle is a brilliant facilitator – she made sure that the training benefited us individually, but also our teams and the organisation as a whole. It’s now just over a month since the training finished – I feel that it has had the following benefits: increased ability to focus – resulting in getting more done in a shorter timeframe; increased patience and better listening skills – which make me better equipped to support my team and peers; increased ability to remain calm under pressure and make the right decision in a crisis; increased resilience and ability to respond to external changes in a fast paced work environment. Flora Nicholson, Executive Fundraising Professional